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Vermont and Colorado Personal Injury and Auto, Pedestrian and Bike Collision Attorneys

Statewide Attorneys in Vermont and Colorado

Thank you for checking out our website. One of the things that I am continually working on is figuring out how to help people settle their auto, truck, bicycle and pedestrian claims with insurance companies in an efficient way that results in fair settlements to our clients. I am also interested in the potential of the internet as a means to deliver legal services to clients quickly and more efficiently. We currently e-mail documents to our clients with their permission and therefore save the cost, time and environmental impact of mailing paper copies to our clients. We have found that the far majority of our clients prefer to receive documents electronically. However, we will still mail paper copies to our clients who do not want to receive them electronically. We practice law both in Vermont and Colorado. I live in Vermont most of the year and travel often to Boulder, Colorado, where both of my kids reside. We are usually available weekends and evenings for telephone or e-mail conferences and I am always happy to meet you in person, either at our office in Hyde Park, Vermont, or at a mutually convenient location in Boulder, Colorado. In some cases we can meet with you at your home or other location.

We provide representation in motor vehicle collision and personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, representing clients from anywhere in Vermont and Colorado. We also represent non-residents who are injured in either Vermont or Colorado. Any legal fees will come out of the settlement. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with insurance companies. I continually try and figure out how insurance companies work so that I can obtain fair settlements for our clients.

Polow Polow & Mahoney is a law firm representing individuals and businesses throughout Vermont. This is the fourth decade that our office has been located in Hyde Park. We provide legal representation in civil matters which include, but aren’t limited to, stopping debt collector abuse, car, truck, bike, snowmobile, ski, snowboard and recreational collisions, accidents, insurance claims, real estate, collections, representation of debtors and FDCPA and consumer protection cases, foreclosures and civil litigation. We also provide mediation services. Please call us or send an email for a free evaluation of your case. We provide strategic advocacy, committed counsel, and will remain dedicated to your case and results. In Colorado, our focus is specifically on motor vehicle collision, trucking accidents, bicycle injury cases and pedestrian accidents.

We provide representation in motor vehicle collision and personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis. Any legal fee paid will come out of the settlement. This is also true when we represent consumers fighting against out of state collection agencies in debtor abuse cases. There is no fee to our clients. If we recover a fee, it is paid by the collection agency. Please call 303-569-6821, or contact us by email at dpolow@polowlaw.com for a free consultation.

Statewide Attorneys in both Vermont and Colorado

Vermont and Colorado are the two most beautiful states in the country. They are both known for their outdoor activities, healthy lifestyles and vibrant populations. Our attorneys are committed to helping both Vermont and Colorado residents as well as out of state residents protect their rights, particularly in personal injury cases, car and truck accidents, bike collision and pedestrian claims. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families throughout Vermont and Colorado.

Our Vermont and Colorado personal injury attorneys are experienced in cases involving:

We also handle a variety of other issues, from mediation and civil litigation to representing Vermonters being harassed by out of state collection agencies. In particular, we practice in the following areas:

  • Stop the debt collection calls and violations of the FDCPA and Vermont Consumer Fraud Statute
  • Commercial and residential real estate and mortgage foreclosure We have a solid reputation and a record of results.

Solid Reputation and Record of Results

This is our fourth decade of being located in the Village of Hyde Park, Vermont, and we are now actively seeking motor vehicle collision cases, truck accident claims, bicycle injury claims and pedestrian injury cases in Boulder, Boulder County and throughout Colorado. We are available during most weekdays and will gladly schedule a telephone appointment in the evening and weekend as well as meeting with folks during the evening or weekend with advance notice.

Our firm has a reputation in Vermont for obtaining fair results on behalf of people injured in motor vehicle collisions, personal injury cases, trucking and motorcycle accidents, snowmobile collisions, biking and other recreational accidents, insurance claims, and representing individuals and Vermonters being harassed by out of state collection agencies. We offer sound counsel and support, with many new clients being referred to us by word of mouth. This is our fourth decade of being located in the Village of Hyde Park, Vermont, and we receive many calls regarding different areas of the law, even those areas we don’t cover. If you have a legal issue, please call us. If we can help, we will. If we can’t or it is an area of the law that we don’t practice in, we will refer you to another attorney whom you can consult with.

Our Vermont and Colorado lawyers take all motor vehicle collision and personal injury cases on a contingency. This means that if we don’t recover any money for you, you don’t owe us anything. Similarly, our clients do not pay us any fees when we are representing them fighting against out of state collection agencies under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). When we file suit under the FDCPA, our attorney fees are paid by the collection agency. YOU WON’T OWE US ANY FEES.

Our Vermont and Colorado lawyers take all personal injury cases on a contingency. This means that if we don't recover any money for you, you don't owe us any fees. Similarly, any FDCPA claims are paid by the agency once we recover-YOU WON'T owe us any fees.

Vermont Personal Injury Attorney | Accident Victim Lawyer | Ski and Snowboard Crash | Motor Vehicle AccidentsFor information about our services or to speak directly to a Hyde Park, Vermont, or Boulder, Colorado, car collision attorney or an attorney representing people injured in a trucking, cycling or pedestrian accident, please call 802-851-5218 in Vermont, 303-569-6821 in Colorado, call David Polow on his cell phone number of 802-279-0677, text David Polow at his cell phone number, or contact our firm by e-mail.

Flexible appointment schedules - Located conveniently across from the Lamoille County Courthouse and Sheriff's Department at the center of Hyde Park Village and anywhere in Boulder, Colorado, at our mutual convenience.

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