12/30/22 Vermont’s New Contractor Licensing Law
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12/30/22 Vermont’s New Contractor Licensing Law

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Firm News |

People should be aware that Vermont will be requiring registration of contractors doing work that costs more than $10,000. The idea of the legislation is to develop a system of knowing who is doing home repair work, not too much more, though perhaps the beginning of recognizing the trade of home improvement contractors. Here is a summary of the law from the Secretary of State’s web site:
What does residential contracting mean?
Residential Contracting is defined as to build, demolish, or alter a residential dwelling unit, or a building or premises with four or fewer residential dwelling units and includes the following:
• Interior and exterior construction, renovation and repair
• Painting
• Paving
• Roofing
• Weatherization
• Installation or repair of heating, plumbing, solar, electrical, water or wastewater systems
More information can be found at https://sos.vermont.gov/residential-contractors/residential-contractor-faqs/