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A Kid, A Minor Bike Accident And A $19,000 Medical Bill

I heard this story on NPR and thought I would share it. Be extremely careful about subrogation issues. Most people don't know it but buried deep in most insurance policies whether it's auto, home, business or health is language that requires you or a family member to...

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Vermont?

An unexpected, serious injury can upend a person’s life. There’s medical treatment to worry about, sometimes including hospitalizations and long-term rehabilitation stays. There’s the burden of dealing with health insurance companies, and the worry that the policy...

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Without Meeting in Person

You might be wondering if you have to meet with me in person if you are in a car accident. We are currently not meeting our clients inside and typically people will call me first for our initial conference rather than meeting in person. We also meet people via Zoom. I...