Here is a question posed by an interested person:

I was coming out of a parking lot and did not see the lady was walking by. I hit her but was just a small touch and she fell on the ground. I got our of the car and offered to call the police or take her to the hospital but she refused and said everything was fine. So I gave her my name and phone number to make sure everything is okay. I checked on her for 2 weeks straight and she still said nothing was wrong. 2 months after the accident, she texted me and said she still sore and wants to go to the hospital and want us to pay for it. Will we get in any trouble if we refuse to pay whatever she came up with?

My advice to this person is to stop communicating with her and notify his insurance company of the claim. It may be he is not at fault but the failure to notify his insurance company could be the basis for denying the claim and paying for his attorney’s fees if she files suit.