June 19, 12:13 a.m.: A caller reported that an intoxicated man was trying to get into his hotel room on Dorset Street. The man was both intoxicated and at the wrong hotel – officers directed him to the correct place.

June 19, 6:09 a.m.: A suspicious vehicle on Shelburne Road had both doors open and towels covering the window. The vehicle was owned by people who had just been swimming and were trying to dry the towels.

June 19, 11:46 a.m.: A car was taken by a person without permission on Baldwin Avenue. It had been left unlocked with keys inside of it. The car was later recovered in Colchester. An investigation is ongoing.

June 19, 12:27 p.m.: An argument took place at a Williston Road hotel when one person refused to leave another person’s hotel room. Police arrived and removed the person who refused to leave. No arrests were made.

June 19, 2:37 p.m.: A caller reported their debit card, driver’s license, personal-use marijuana, pipes and lighters were taken from their car on Dorset Street. The car’s window had been left down. Police have not yet identified a suspect.

June 20, 2:02 a.m.: Police responded to a call of a person playing guitar in the parking lot of a Shelburne Road business and refusing to leave. Police asked the guitar player to leave, he obliged.

June 20, 3:05 a.m.: A caller reported that a man overdosed on a hallucinogenic substance on Williston Road. Police arrived, made sure the scene was safe and called fire and rescue to respond. Fire and rescue workers took the man to the hospital. No arrests were made.

June 20, 4:01 p.m.: Police responded to a family dispute on Black Dog Drive. The incident was not criminal.

June 22, 12:35 a.m.: A caller reported a suspicious man in the parking lot of a Farrell Street business that was closing. Officers met with the man who was accessing the free WIFI.

June 22, 1:42 p.m.: A person was playing in a yard with their child on Williston Road when they called police because they noticed a man watching them, which made them uncomfortable. The man was gone when police arrived.

June 23, 8:29 a.m.: Someone on Farrell Street called police to report their ex-girlfriend was calling and threatening them. An officer made referrals to court and asked the ex-girlfriend to stop calling the person.

June 23, 5:57 p.m.: A woman called police after teenagers walked by and took photographs of her sitting in her car on Dorset Street. She was uncomfortable and wanted police to document the incident.

June 25, 8:03 a.m.: A property owner on Williston Road called about what they claimed was a suspicious vehicle in a commercial parking lot. The vehicle had a Black Lives Matter sticker and the words “I can’t breathe” written on it. The caller said it had been in the parking lot since 6 a.m. and that they wanted the vehicle to leave. Police arrived on scene and waited while the property owner asked the vehicle’s operator to leave.

June 25, 9:02 a.m.: A rental car was overdue for return on Williston Road. Police later found it on Susie Wilson Road. The incident remains under investigation.

June 25, 9:25 a.m.: A car on loan to a person on Shelburne Road was overdue. It was later recovered.