South Burlington Police Blotter: June 4 – 11
Jun 18, 2020 Updated Jun 19, 2020

Total incidents: 355

Total arrests: 12

Total arrest charges: 18

June 4, 12:42 a.m., police responded to a call reporting what sounded like a gunshot on Market Street. The responding officers found nothing when they arrived on scene.

June 4, 1:59 p.m., a caller reported a person walking along Shelburne Road appeared to be carrying a rifle and a baseball bat. Officers checked the area and did not find the person in question.

June 4, 5:23 p.m., a woman on Scotsdale Road who thought she saw someone entering her garage. Officers responded and found no one in the house and no sign of burglary or trespass.

June 5, 8:08 a.m., a person on Dorset Street reported their dog was acting as if it were rabid. Police got the dog into a patrol car and transported it to a vet.

June 5, 5:29 p.m., loss prevention workers at Target called police because they believed there were two people in the store trying to conceal merchandise. An officer arrived and met with people in question because they had not passed through checkout yet. They were issued notices of trespass.

June 5, 8:12 p.m., a patrolling officer noticed two teens on the roof of Orchard School. The teens were told to get off the roof and not do that again.

June 5, 9:15 p.m., police received a report of a person leaving a public bathroom on Hinesburg Road with a tourniquet around their arm. The caller suspected the person used drugs. The officers contacted the person in question but said there was no arrestable evidence.

June 6, 5:13 p.m., a caller reported a man in his backyard on Hayden Parkway. Officers responded and found the man. They issued a notice of trespass for being on privately owned land.

June 6, 6:49 p.m., police responded to a domestic dispute on Olde Orchard Park involving a teenager and a parent. It was not criminal in nature, police said.

June 6, 8:31 p.m., police arrested Danny Mcguire, 50, of South Burlington, for possession of heroin.

June 7, 11:32 a.m., officers met with the victim of an alleged assault on Lindenwood Drive. The assault took place in another jurisdiction – investigation was transferred to state police.

June 7, 2:00 p.m., police arrested Travis, Royer, 38, of South Burlington for driving while under the influence.

June 7, 4:23 p.m., Kelsey Clain 26, of Burlington, was for driving while under the influence and child cruelty. Police pulled Clain over on Shelburne Road. She had her child in the car. Referrals were made to the Department of Children and Families.

June 8, 2:42 p.m., loss prevention at Target found a 1-ounce bag of marijuana and turned it over to police. No suspects have been identified.

June 9, 8:40 p.m., police received a report of a child in distress on Shelburne Road. Officers responded and found that the caregiver had taken something away from the kid – and the kid had a fit. There was no evidence of abuse.

June 11, 12:56 p.m., a caller on East Terrace reported their unlocked car had been rifled through. Some change and a grocery store courtesy card were taken.

June 11, 11:12 p.m., police received a call about noise from an upstairs apartment in a multi-unit building on Market Street. The responding officer found the building quiet upon arrival.

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