Hinesburg Police Blotter: June 5 – 11
Jun 18, 2020 Updated Jun 19, 2020

Incidents: 28

June 5, 12:07 p.m., Hinesburg Police stopped Roland Stetson, 40, of Monkton, on Route 116 near Lantman’s Market for talking on a cell phone while driving. He was found to have a criminally suspended driver’s license too.

June 5, 11:41 p.m., police received a complaint – and another a little over an hour later – about someone shooting off fireworks in the area of Blueberry Hill and Magee Hill Road.

June 6, 1:23 a.m., another call about fireworks came in, from a woman on North Road. She told an officer she had heard two loud bangs and people talking near the Town Garage, but police didn’t find a vehicle or fireworks.

June 6, 5:28 p.m. a tree fell in the road at Leavensworth Road and Charlotte Road. The Hinesburg Fire Department moved it.

June 7, 9:14 p.m., someone returned a wallet to police that they had found in the road at Commerce Street. Police found the owner and returned it.

June 8, 9:40 a.m., a woman at Hinesburg Mobil was filling a plastic bag with gasoline. The owner of a white Jeep admitted that she had done this. The manager of the Mobil station offered to take the bag of gas but requested that police issue a trespass order so the woman would not be able to return, which police did. The woman said she was getting the gas for a bonfire.

June 8, 9:18 p.m., police and the fire department went to a report of a brush fire at Charlotte and Stella Roads. It turned out to be a legal burn – and one not set using gas from a plastic bag.

June 9, 3:38 p.m. Hinesburg Police were called to the Hinesburg Mobil by someone who reported seeing a person drinking beer in a parked truck. When an officer arrived, a truck was leaving which they followed. After the driver twice used his turn signals to indicate a left-hand turn he didn’t make, the driver was pulled over. The officer did not find the smell of alcohol or any beer. The driver said he had bought cigarettes. He was warned not to signal a turn without turning.

June 10, 4:37 p.m., police went to Old Route 116 to investigate a report of a rabid skunk but couldn’t find it.

June 10, 8:23 pm., a neighbor dispute broke out at Kelleys Field Road. Police had been there before. This time the woman who called had a recording of her neighbor banging on the wall and shouting at her and using a profanity. The neighbor was instructed to stop.

June 11, 7:48 p.m., an officer drove past a vehicle accident at Mechanicsville Road and Hawk Lane and went to investigate. He found that a woman had hit a deer, but her car didn’t appear to be damaged. The deer ran off.

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