June 9, 2020
by Alvaro Puig
Consumer Education Specialist, FTC
If you bought Lights of America brand LED light bulbs before 2011, you may be eligible for a refund.
Lights of America sold its light bulbs at Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, hardware stores, grocery stores, and on Amazon.com.

Their advertising lied to consumers about the performance of the light bulbs. The company said one of their LED recessed bulbs would last 30,000 hours. “You’ll never change your bulbs again,” bragged the packaging. In reality, the bulbs lost significant light output after only 1,000 hours. So the FTC sued and the court said the company had to pay $21 million to give refunds to customers.
We’ve already returned more than $12 million to approximately 400,000 customers. But we’re still looking for people who bought Lights of America LED bulbs before 2011 and haven’t gotten a refund. If you’re one of them, apply for a refund at ftc.gov/lights by September 30, 2020.
It only takes a few minutes. You’ll have to give your contact information and answer some questions about what you bought. (It was a long time ago, so just do your best to answer them.)
If you qualify for a refund, you’ll get a check in the mail. If you don’t, you’ll get a letter that explains why not. We plan to mail the next round of checks in early 2021. They’ll come from Analytics Consulting, LLC, the company managing the refund process.
When people get a refund check from an FTC case, they often wonder if the check is real. When the checks go out to Lights of America customers, we’ll update ftc.gov/lights. Check it out for the latest information—or call the company managing the refund process at 1-800-419-4695.
Remember, the FTC will never tell you to pay money to cash a refund check. If someone does, it’s a scam.
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