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Vermont Injury Lawyer

At Polow Polow & Mahoney, PLLC, we offer a broad range of services. As experienced Vermont injury attorneys, we are equipped to handle a variety of cases and disputes. This is our fourth decade of representing clients in numerous legal situations and scenarios. If you do not see your type of case listed here, please feel free to contact us so that we can guide you in the right direction.

You have the right to be represented by an attorney and obtain a strategic advantage when dealing with insurance companies. Let us give you the voice you need. Call 802-888-7707 or 802-279-0677 (cell) or contact us by e-mail for a free consultation.

Auto and Trucking Accidents

There are thousands of motor vehicle collisions involving cars, trucks and motorcycles. From the average fender bender to the tragic death of a family member, our firm strives to secure full compensation for our clients. Our car accident attorneys deal with such cases everyday and are recognized by both the legal profession and insurance industry for our competence.

In addition to car, bicycle and pedestrian claims in cases, we represent folks who are injured in trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents on the interstate or any Vermont roads. Negligent drivers often caused such injuries. A thorough understanding of the ever-changing and fact-specific law regarding the various and numerous incidents that result in trucking and motorcycle accident injuries are essential to successful legal representation.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Our Vermont injury attorneys are experienced with cases involving bicycle and pedestrian accidents. We will investigate your accident, determine liability and help you collect damages from a negligent driver. We handle serious injury cases involving head injuries, knee injuries, scarring, lacerations, broken bones and wrongful death.

Injuries to Children

Children can be injured just the same as any adult can. However, the child injuries case can be more complicated and many times it is necessary to open a guardianship estate to have a parent appointed to have legal authority to sign a release to that the case can be settled. Also, it may be necessary to create a structured settlement. Let us protect your rights and maximize compensation for your child's injuries.

Premises Liability

When you become injured on someone else's property, it may be a case of premises liability. This means that the property owner is responsible, having failed to maintain the premises in a safe and secure manner, or failed to properly warn people about any dangerous conditions that may exist. Whether you were injured in a slip-and-fall or another type of accident, we can help you hold the property owner responsible and get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you suffered.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases can be very technically difficult — more difficult than one would think. Having an experienced attorney on your side, one who knows the legal steps that must be taken, is important. We understand that money can't change things, but it's all we've got. We'll help you come to an end to the process of grieving and healing from the loss of a loved one.

VT Personal Injury Attorney | Vermont Accident Lawyer | Bicycle Wrecks | Car Crash | Collection Agency ReliefFor information about our services or to speak directly to a Hyde Park, Vermont, car collision attorney or an attorney representing people injured in a trucking, cycling or pedestrian accident, please call 802-888-7707. You can also call or text David Polow on his cellphone at 802-279-0677, or you can contact our firm by e-mail for a free consultation with a Vermont car collision lawyer.

Flexible appointment schedules Located conveniently across from the Lamoille County Courthouse and Sheriff's Department at the center of Hyde Park Village.

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