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Client Comments

These are some of the comments which our client's have shared with us:

"David was great about working with me around the car accident I was in. David kept me informed during the time that he was working on my case. David did well assuring me that things would work out when I was in doubt and frustrated with things that were going on. I would recommend David to anyone that is involved in a car accident and needs a lawyer. David was very helpful when I had questions and never made me feel like I had a stupid question."

"Integrity, expertise and impeccable service."Mountain

"Legal services were provided with courtesy and promptness."

"I felt I was able to be part of the process rather than an attorney dictating it to me."

"I felt I was represented honestly and competently."

"When I spoke with Mr. Polow he was very kind and helpful and knew what he was talking about."

"Reliable, friendly, reasonable fees."

"I feel that even though my case was small it received the same attention as a larger case."

" "We were given honest, straight answers in lay terms."

"You were good at explaining everything."

"It is great to deal with people who are extremely knowledgeable and there to answer any questions that came up."

"David worked very hard for me."

"David made me feel very comfortable talking to him."

"Honest, sympathetic, fair."


"Straightforward, trustworthy."

"Respectful and kind."

"Very knowledgeable."

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